Waveform Walkers is a rhythm game designed to enhance motivation for users to increase their time spent walking by utilizing music to move them. On a mobile platform, the game utilizes rhythm and music to raise motivation for individual users to walk. The main objective of the game is to swiftly walk accordingly to the beat of chosen, original songs to earn points. This is a game that was entered in the 2016 Games4Health competition.
Development and Role 
As of the development process, we worked in a team of 3 students who used different skills to create Waveform Walkers. 
During the development process, I assumed the leader role. Although the team worked evenly, I was able to facilitate meetings, organize meetings, and help direct the team towards the right direction. 
Another role I had was lead producer. I helped lead the various side-projects during Waveform Walkers, such as the commercialization video, the teaser video, alpha testing, and beta testing. Although these were side-projects that were done as a team, I assumed responsibility over these as I led these projects to completion. 
I was also the lead artist behind the project; I designed the buttons, the background, the color scheme, and other artistic assets that was not implemented in the game. An example of an asset left outside of the game was the Game Over screen, which shows an animation of a waveform increasing based on the performance of the player.
Teaser Video 
This is the teaser video that tied for 1st place in best teaser video. The idea is to give a sneak peek of what the game is.
Commercialization Video 
This is the commercialization video, which served as one of the first instances of describing what the game is all about, and its objective as a health game.
Gameplay Demo 
This is a sample demo of Waveform Walker, which is a 3 minute video that demonstrates the actual gameplay of the release build.

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