Tally Marks
About the project:
        Tally Marks is a narrative-driven, anti-war, adventure game built in RPG Maker MV. As an expressive game, it focuses on three major themes pertaining to war: civilian struggles within a war-torn environment, decimated environments caused by destructive warfare, and chaotic tension and frenzied actions undertaken by the affected population.
       Using these three arching concepts, linear story of Tally Marks follows a civilian named Leonard Tedmund, who, along with his family of four, attempt to survive an enemy-occupation of his home town. For five days, Leonard must overcome hardships of being under siege, the destruction of his once beautifully-constructed city, and the dangers that rise from other civilians.
       The primary objective of this game is to make a statement against war, and protest it’s lack of efficiency by highlighting the viewpoint of those who aren’t necessarily fighting the war as a soldier. We asserted that battles are still fought, whether the individual wears uniform or not. We argue that within warfare, enemies may dangerously become less of a black-and-white situation. We convey how the lives of civilians may be easily overlooked when the focus lies heavily on victory.
       Tally Marks was a collaborative project that taught us how to effectively work in small teams, how to be responsible for assigned tasks, and how to use RPG Maker for world building, character development, and story crafting.
What I did:
       For this project, I was the lead writer and QA tester. I focused on plot, dialogue, world building, and level design. After researching real-world conflicts between countries and other games that are considered as anti-war games, I wrote a lore behind the world, a script for the characters, and a plot for the story.
       As the lead QA tester, I made sure that every scene (dialogue, game effects, character movement, etc) worked. I proofread, modified, organized, and made sure that the game's story can be told effectively and as planned. I worked with the team to make sure that the important scenes took place in the correct environments, the cutscenes felt engaging and interesting, and the world was believable and whole.

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