Avalanche is a print and play board game that can be found here on boardgamegeek.com 
Avalanche is a board game created by Justin Rodriguez-Hand, James Klock, and Caleb Sams. The original idea and mechanics came from Justin, but the team contributed into changing the idea into the final, improved product. Justin made the art for the cover and cards. James wrote and designed the rules and game mechanics. Caleb focused on game mechanics as well, and did board design. Together, we co-designed mechanics, features, game balance, and the aspects that went into building the final product.
Designed by James Klock, Justin Rodriguez-Hand, and Caleb Sams. 
Several brave climbers have boasted that they are the best mountain climbers, so in order to determine who is truly the best, they will climb a dangerous mountain that is known for its frequent avalanches to see who gets to the top first!

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